The Outback

The Outback grand opening
The Outback grand opening
The Outback grand opening

For the past 22 years, we’ve heard the same question over and over again: “When are you getting a retail space?”

Well, the stars finally aligned and in November of 2017, we were thrilled to open “The Outback” — the go to place for appetizers, desserts, Thyme Maker Meals and more. We joined forces with Pickering Boxwood, a stylish women’s clothing boutique, where we converted their back room into our retail space, serving up grab-and-go foods.

We hope you’ll stop by to not only pick up a family meal or a quick bite for lunch, but to also plan your next party or just say hi.


Pickering Boxwood (we’re in the back)
601 S. Mendenhall Road
(in the Old Seabrook Wallpaper Building)
Memphis, TN


Monday – Friday
10:00 am – 5:30 pm
(& on demand / whenever The Outback’s door is open!)