GADGET: The Chef’s Knife

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Jan 272014
GADGET: The Chef's Knife

If you can buy only one knife, the chef’s knife is no doubt the best one to choose. The most indispensable of knives, an 8″ chef’s knife is essential for preparing any meal, no matter how simple. This knife should be a staple in your kitchen and is our favorite when it comes to chopping, dicing or slicing. It’s long enough to slice, heavy enough to mince, pointy enough to pare or core, and has a heel to cleave bones. It’s an all-around workhorse as long as you keep it sharp (see video at the end of this post).

GADGET: The Whisk

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Nov 162013
GADGET: The Whisk

It may seem odd that, with so many gadgets to choose from, our first choice in the Gadget category would be the whisk. At the ‘whisk’ of sounding cheesy, the whisk saves you time — and as you know, we love our time-savers.