Hey Nancy — I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Margot’s birthday party–Michael and Willie May did an amazing job and they made it just so easy to sit back and enjoy the birthday girl and the guests. The food was perfect and delicious! YOU did an amazing job as well. It was all so good. Kevin said he wants you to cook once a week now….:) I can’t say that I don’t want the same. Again…thank you so very much” — Courtney S.

Hi Chuck & Nancy! Yet again your food was a smashing success! Can you share a generic recipe for the salmon and tri-tip and not give away any secrets? I presume you grill both on wood at low temps. Will be calling y’all for a holiday party and sharing your number with friends! Thanks for making this so easy and delicious!” — Lisa C., First Tennessee Bank

Hi Nancy, I just want to thank you for a very successful reception on Friday afternoon. Everything went so smoothly, and I appreciate your staff so much!! Willie Mae, Sarah and Michael (forgive any misspellings) work so hard and so well. I really enjoy having them here! Please pass on my thanks to them. As always, we’ll look forward to working with you again, Nancy! Thanks for everything.” — Stephanie

Nancy and Chuck, Many thanks for Saturday night, the food was spectacular! And in a pinch, when we had given you a head count of 60 and 135 showed up – you really lived up to your name “Just In Thyme”! Many, many thanks for making the party seamless.” — Ruth C.

Dear Chuck and Nancy, I can’t thank you enough for last night ~ the food was delicious and your service impeccable! I do have to apologize – my “specialty drink” was much more potent than I realized and I was way overserved before I knew what had happened. Consequently I did not thank you enough and I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote the check for the tip. I am mailing you another check for additional tip and please let your servers know how sorry I am for my mistake!” — Joanie L.

Hi Nancy, You snuck out before I had a chance to say goodbye! Once again, your food was a huge hit among our guests. Everyone was happily snacking away. The food was delicious. Doug got to enjoy some of the leftovers tonight. Everyone was so helpful- Sarah and ?? (I’m blanking on the gentleman’s name) were so terrific. We can’t thank you enough for providing such exceptional cuisine and service. You really have the best catering service in town!!!” — Rona M., St. Jude (Immunology Department)

Yet another rousing success, Nancy! Thank you.” — Sandy W.

Just want to say TODAY WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!  Everyone was raving and ………… wants your chicken salad recipe!!!I also would like to get on your calendar for our December meeting. Thank you thank you!!!!!!!” — Martha F., Semmes Murphy Foundation

Chuck — I just want to thank you again for dropping off at my house that delicious yellow watermelon. I think that the yellow ones are even sweeter than the red ones! I ate almost the entire watermelon sharing only a little bit with Bruce. You were so sweet to take the time and bring it to me. Big thanks.” — Janie H.

Nancy, We loved the chicken and artichoke casserole! The two of us ate the WHOLE thing!!!!!” — Carolyn M.

Nancy, The food was delicious! The girls cleaned their plates–which is amazing for this age group of girls & their eating habits! I thought we would have a lot of the bleu cheese wafers left — only 2 were left! Thank you so much. Really appreciate your help!” —  Leesa J.

Today’s lunch was exceptional!! Those veggie wraps were delicious, plus we also had the option of my most favorite item you make – the orzo with veggies and chicken! Just wanted you to know my meeting was a success, thanks to the lunch being such a hit.” — Sally P., FTN Financial

Nancy, you are an incredible caterer. The food was delicious, planning and organization for the MUS Seniors brunch was excellent. The MUS Faculty and Staff luncheon meal was so good. The desserts terrific. Thank you for helping me out for dinner for one of our staff who has been recovering from an illness. I appreciate your outstanding service so very much. You have been an incredible help to me in every way. I was delighted to know how highly you rated the GE convection ovens I have just had installed. You made my day. Thank you.” — Peggy H.

Thanks for lunch today. It was a big hit!” — Cheryl B., Presbyterian Day School

Nancy, Thank you for the wonderful food and service on Friday afternoon. The reception went very well. Your staff did an OUTSTANDING job — it was a real pleasure to have them here. The food was enjoyed by all and your staff was so helpful Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hope to see you again soon. ” — Stephanie H.

Chuck, I wanted to thank Nancy and you for a completely successful evening that was made special by your catered food and service! Everyone commented how attentive and great the service was and my wife made the statement afterward, “Honey, I’m so glad you talked me into catering, they were priceless.” We hope Micheal’s hand is better and he had no setback. BTW, please send me your Paleo roll recipe. I’d like to whip up some! Warmest regards,” — Butch W.

I hope this email reaches you both, Nancy and Chuck. Just want to say how much everyone enjoyed the food and how accommodating you both were. Everyone was and still is raving about the food and how well everything went off for the party. I am so happy to have found you and want to work with you again. You can bet I will call you for our next event. I know now all I have to do is call you and everything will be done to perfection. Thank you both for making the evening so special. Appreciate you both so much.” — Lee H.

Many thanks for the great dinner on Wednesday! Y’all are the best!!!” — Jeanne H.

Hey Nancy, everything was AWESOME!! Everyone was oohing and aahing over the food like it was fireworks. Big hits were the roast beef and bacon. I think a few guys never left my dining room. Thank you so much. Selden told me she booked you on the spot — that’s great. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas.” — Amy S.

The food was amazing last night!! So yummy and perfect for that type of party. People couldn’t quit talking about it!! Y’all are the best! I’m happy to bring your serving pieces to you tomorrow. Just let me know. Also, do you want the cardboard boxes/crates? Thanks again for everything!!!!”— Darby F.

Hi Nancy, Thank you so much for the wonderful meal!! Everyone raved about how yummy everything tasted!! Also, thanks so much for saving me with the baked brie, as there is no telling how that would have ended up without your help! Take care, and we will certainly call you again when we need a caterer. Best,” — Grace F.

Chuck, You did a great job for us. Madeleine and I were well pleased as were our guests. We particularly appreciate your cleaning up the kitchen and dining table so well and leaving everything in order. Well done. Thanks again.” — Met C.

Nancy and Chuck, I want to let you know that all of my guests and ourselves were VERY pleased with the meal. Everyone was raving about the food. We appreciate the love and hard work that goes into these things and we wish you a very Merry Christmas!” — Michelle and Tom :)

The food was very good at the Parent’s Association luncheon today. Anne W speaks highly of you as do I. You are so easy to work with and your food is so delicious. Love,” — Peggy H.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased everyone was with the food you delivered to my mom’s on December 13 for the visitation of my aunt. I think you worked with Angie K. At any rate, my 86 year old mom was absolutely stressed to the max, and the food was simply wonderful and an answer to a prayer. You made it so easy for her and everything was just lovely. I can’t thank you enough for making things so simple. Hope your holidays were great and see you soon.” — Murrey W.

Thank you for the amazing meals that you provided for us this weekend! We thoroughly enjoyed everything!!! My son asked me why I cannot cook Pork tenderloin like that. I had to explain to him that I do not have a way to smoke pork tenderloin. That was lost on him! (: My mother-in-law asked me if I would ask you for the recipe for the appetizer and the salad dressing. Thank you again for the wonderful meals!” — Jeni M.

Chuck and Nancy- Just wanted to let you know that your food was complimented over and over last night. Thanks for the help in getting it together.” — Witt W.

Nancy, I have to say the pot pie was wonderful. Les is recovering from heart surgery and when I asked him about pot pie – he said get one. Boy was he thrilled – he loved it and so did I. Thanks,” — Nancy B.

Nancy, the Chicken Marbella was fantastic!!!!! Definitely one of your better entrees, we both loved it! Thanks.” — Carolyn M.

Hello! I was wondering what your options are for weddings. I am getting married this fall at my parents residence in midtown. We expect around 125-150 people. I am interested in a few action stations with a small buffet and passed appetizers during a cocktail hour. My mom attended a holiday party that you catered and said the food was delicious! I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you!” — Katie B.

Hello, you catered the food for my baby shower at Ansley’s house, and we’re all still talking about how good the food was! Well, I’ve delivered a happy baby girl, and we are going to have her baptized on Mother’s Day. We would love to have you cater the brunch following church…Let me know if you’d be available for this date. Thank you!” — Mary C.

Nancy, Cooper and I loved the chicken pot pie! Do you have any more of those left? I have two friends who have been sick and I would love to take them one. If you have extra, I’d like 3! Thanks,
— Grace Anne M.

Nancy- I would love for you to provide Thanksgiving dinner for 14. We are celebrating Wednesday night. We have a peanut and nut allergy. We enjoyed our dinner last weekend. Cleaned our plates. I hope that delicious apple custard pie is nut-free. Thanks, — Elise C.

For our upcoming luncheon, we are going to go back to our old standby of North Shore chicken salad. Everyone always loves it, and it’s just so easy to serve. Thanks.— Ginger T.

Hey Nancy, I enjoyed seeing you at the Dixon last week. Food was delicious, as always!!” — Allison B.

I just wanted to let you know the food was a huge hit tonight! Everyone raved about everything – especially the delicious bacon! Thank you for making it fabulous. Also, thank you for taking care of the last minute add of glass ware.” — Melissa G.

Everything was delicious and went off without a hitch!” — Mardi B., Medtronic

Thanks so much Chuck! We had some leftovers, so I shared them with some of the other folks on our floor, and they really liked the food. You’ll probably start hearing from even more orders from folks at the towers. Thanks again!” — Brandy P., International Paper

Your cream corn with bacon and fresh basil was DELICIOUS. I prepared the scallops last night and served them on top of the corn …. it was fabulous. PLEASE offer this again.” — Candy D.

Thanks for a great event.” — Brenda C., First Tennessee

I want to thank you for catering the reception after my mother’s funeral.  We knew that you would do everything in a tasteful and elegant manner — a major reason why mom would never use anyone else to cater. I am just so thankful you were able to prepare everything given such short notice.  Mom enjoyed your food so much and respected you as a business woman.  I have many happy memories from my wedding day—it was perfect—from the garden, the lights, the flowers and of course, the food! I still have people tell me after 2 years how awesome our food was. Again, thank you for showing our family such kindness over the years. We appreciate you.” — Love, Jessica

Thanks. Food was great!” — Chris C., Dobbs Management Service

Many thanks for the lovely rehearsal dinner you presented on Friday night!! We and our guests loved all the food. Nice to have a few leftovers too-this MOG is not ready for cooking. Your staff was fantastic too. It was obvious they were being very attentive and we appreciate that so much. Sorry I didn’t get to thank you in person but like Xmas elves you were gone in a flash and took the trash! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  See you at our next wedding!” — Colleen C.

The box lunch you catered at my neighborhood garden club Monday was delicious!” — Cynthia C.

Just wanted to thank you for making yesterday possible. The food was both amazing and beautifully presented. Now I wish I had selected more for you to serve. You received nothing but raves. I am not sure what dish I enjoyed most; everything was so delicious. Your staff was attentive to detail, professional, and unobtrusive in their jobs. Steve and I appreciate your work, look forward to working with you in the future. Again, many thanks.” — Deborah B.

“I tried someone else’s smoked ribs today while made me realize how much I missed your good smoked meats!” — Diane P.

The food was delicious tonight! Thank you!” — Gray M.

You provided a lovely meal last night, and it far exceeded my planning. I didn’t know what to expect with the setting, the event, and this group, but your expertise, service, delicious food and management made the evening just perfect. Thank you a million times!”  Pam G.

Great job Monday night at our reception. Thanks so much.” — Bruce H., First Tennessee Bank

Thank you Nancy. It was all wonderful and plenty of food. Everyone LOVED it all!  I appreciate you making it all so easy!” — Kim B.

As usual, it was fabulous! Many, many compliments and the perfect amount of food.” — Lea C., FEDEX

Oh my gosh, you are fabulous! Everybody raved about everything you did, and We couldn’t be more impressed with your handling of every detail. I’ve never entertained at the house with so little effort. Amazing. Thank you so much!!! When you come up for air, please call or email regarding the brunch.” — Lucy W.

I meant to contact yesterday but just wanted you to know that lunch was OUTSTANDING Wednesday and having the help was also! thanks so much!” — Marilyn W.

A huge THANK YOU!!! You have just greatly reduced my stress level and I am so very grateful. We were still talking about the yummy food today. Thanks again and I think you are feeding me again tomorrow night as well – YUM. I look forward to hearing from you.” — Melissa G.

Everything was great!  Thanks so much for helping me out!” — Missy R.

We are thinking about our Holiday Party for this year, and we were hoping that you would be available again this year. Working with you has been really wonderful these past two years and the quality of food and service is always very special.” — Rona M.

Thank you, again, for the fabulous food, great service, and for making preparation/cleanup so easy for our party. People are still talking about your food and the fabulous Bloody Marys. I enjoyed working with your entire crew! We will work together again in the future, I feel certain.” — Pam W., White Construction

I hope you had a few nice days to relax with your family after a crazy month of catering. Our holiday party was a huge success. The food was more delicious than last year and your presentation was seamless. We are so grateful that you were available despite my error in scheduling the correct day. I can’t imagine what would have happened had we not had spoken on the phone. Thanks so much. We wish you and your family the best and most wonderful New Year!” — Rona and Doug

Thank you for working with us on our reception for artists on Friday night at the Dixon. We received many compliments on the food. It was a pleasure meeting your wife and others who assisted in serving.” — Susan K, Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation

The food was delicious! Thank you.” — Wendy C., West Clinic

I cannot begin to tell you how delighted the entire choir was with the fantastic dinner you prepared for us last night. Everyone was raving about the food and wanted to know who the caterer was! Please know how pleased we were and you can certainly count on us calling you again!” — Blessings, Mary Q.

Saturday night was fabulous!! Every one raved about all of the food. I cannot thank you enough for delivering and making the party a huge success. We had just enough left over for a yummy dinner last night of pork, asparagus and dessert. Thanks again!” — Melissa G.