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Thyme Maker Meal Program

Do you find yourself exhausted after chasing the kids around all day?  Are you spent after a long day at work?  Are you tired of answering that age-old question: “What’s for dinner?” Do you just hate to cook? If so, our Thyme Maker Meal (TMM) Program was developed with you in mind. If the last thing you want to do is order takeout (again), clean up the kitchen, or figure out something new to cook for dinner, let us help.

Each Monday, we distribute our Weekly TMM Menu (view this week’s menu) which consists of 3-4 entree selections, 2-3 side dishes and a salad, soup or dessert — all made from scratch and specially prepared to feed a family of four.  Bonus: delivery is free on orders over $30 (within a 20 mile radius)! Most weeks, orders are due no later than Tuesday, and pick up / delivery takes place on Thursday.

Since we all know how hot our southern summers can be, it’s important to leave a cooler on the front porch or back steps where your meal will be placed in order to survive the outdoor elements until you arrive home safely. It’s also imperative that we have a current phone number where you can be reached should there be any delivery issues. Finally, most customers prefer to leave a credit card number on file with Just In Thyme Foods; however, cash/check may be left in your cooler as payment as well.

Our Thyme Maker Meal Program saves you time and money (you can’t prepare similarly delicious dishes any faster or cheaper), while satisfying your family’s tastebuds!